Friday, July 10, 2009

Guess who got some Prima Flowers!!!

ME!!! I've always loved these flowers and I've been stalking them at Michael's for sometime now. I always thought they were too expensive for just some flowers, until..... I realized DUH!!! Use your 50% off coupon! So now I have bunches and I love them!! And I plan on buying lots more so I won't hoard the ones I have. So here is a great card I made with them! I think this is the first one I have made and I love it!!! I used Stacey's Jewerly Color Inspiration Challenge #44. I really loved this color combo! My "Rust" looks more pink in the picture but I think it still looks great! Also, my office is decorated in plum so I actually had something I could kinda stage it with! I really hope I win this one! Please let me know what you think!


  1. Nice primas and layout on your darling card! Thanks for playing the JCI44!

  2. What talent! I love it. You need to create a post that breaks the "how to" down into baby steps so those of us out here who can't figure it out on their own have steps to follow. I'd follow those steps! Have an inspiringly ecletic day!