Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy little bee!

I have been so bad about posting blogs! I have four cards to share so here goes!

This card was inspired by another one of Julia's cards. I just love all of her cards, I could scraplift everyone of them! (And I just might, hope she doesn't mind!) Of course I had to change it around a bit, but I still love it.

Next up! My husband's Father's Day card. You didn't think I was going to give him one he'd already seen did you??? Nah, I had to make him a new one. I thought this was sooo cute! I was going thru clip art looking for crowns, when I thought that would be great on a Dad card! And it was! Check it out!

Two more! I have got to start doing this nightly! Next up, a little inspiration!

"Grandma" bought my daughter some new dresses the other day and they are all so cute! I put one on her and got to thinking that it would make a such a cute card! (Sad, yes I know) So, I made it, of course. I didn't have quite the same pattern as dress, which I hate, but that didn't stop me! I thought it turned out great!

Here's the dress...

Last one! Hope you guys made it this far!

All White! Well, mostly....

So, I was at Michael's with my friend Hannah and I found these Prima Flowers, Nursery Tales Collection~Vintage Style Flowers. They are so neat looking! And me, being the nut that I am, I've decided to try to make some (because I'm weird like that, just ask Hannah). So I did, but mine are white. And I think they turned out pretty good! You can tell the difference, but I'm going to keep trying! So, here's the card I made with it!Alright!!!! I'm done and now it's time for bed! I can't wait to hear what you guys think of my cards!

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  1. all of these are beautiful! i like how "the princess's" dress inspired your card. and i really like the prima inspired flowers. you will have to show me how you did this.