Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flea Market

I LOVE the flea market! I've found some really neat things there lately, who doesn't love going through other people's junk! :) Last time I went I bought a bag of lace for $2.00 and I loved it all, some of it was really nice and there was quite a bit in the bag. So, this time I was determined to get more! I've found that if I have alot of something, I hoard it less and actually USE it! Crazy I know. Of course, the lady didn't have anymore lace!!! But, another lady did, and I got to chose which lace I wanted AND I got ten yards for a $1.00, how cool is that!!! I'm very easy to please. I was also looking for old pictures or postcards of scenes (not people, that's just weird). I found four very old postcards and a label for lady's stationary that I really liked. I also found a five foot string of little pearls and an old book of Christmas sheet music I plan to tear up. And guess how much I paid??? $7.25 for all of it! I think I did very well, not to mention the parking was free and I took my own drinks. I'm already packing around a diaper bag, might as well pack myself something too! Here's a picture of my loot, I will be going back next month.

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  1. i had a blast! can't wait to go back next month!!!